Friday, January 2, 2009

Artist's statement

This period of my life, and thus these paintings, have been heavily influenced by the loss of my mother to cancer in August 2008.  She was an amazing woman whose hands were rarely still, most often at use playing harp, piano, or French horn, baking and cooking, creating her own works of art, or writing notes in her beautiful, tidy script.  In the end, these are a few of the things I’ve come to miss most of all: the simple, day-to-day tasks that were so integral to her being.  The hands in these paintings are all hers, taken from photos I took not long before she passed.  They were both a means to feel connected to her, as well as a small attempt to pay homage to the woman of greatest influence in my life.  The apple tree in these paintings seemed like such a sweet reminder of the cycle of life, having lost all its foliage in the fall but still bearing bright apples. This juxtaposing of loss of life from the year before with the promise of life to come felt like an appropriate partner to the hands in my meditations about life and loss.  

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